Babysitters Academy

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 Babysitters’ Academy for Teens

A Two-Part Course: Ages 12-16

Saturday, March 10th (2-5pm)

Learn the rules and safeguards of the Babysitting business as well as crafts, how to tell stories and more

…..then the following week…..

Saturday, March 17th (1-5pm) CPR

—Carrie from the Flint Fire Department will certify those who pass the CPR course!

(If you want your card bring $3 for the registration fee to the first class).

You must attend both March 10 Part 1 and March 17, Part 2 to receive your certification.

Registration required. Call 249-2170


@ your library, the campaign for american libraries

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Teen Production Showcase: Week 2–Screencasting

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The second week of Teen Productions focused on screencasting. Screencasting is a way to capture what is happening on the computer screen in front of you, and is often used to demonstrate a “how to.” How to copy and paste in Microsoft Word, how to properly login to a Tumblr blogging account, how to get to the next level of Angry Birds. Below is the screencast of a student’s Prezi presentation. This particular Prezi was made last week in Teen Productions week 1.

Teen Production Showcase: Week 1, Prezi Presentations

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Week 1 of Teen Productions focused on the presentation tool Prezi, which is found online at Prezi is a creative alternative to Powerpoint that allows its users to organize information spatially, with swipes, zooms, and multimedia. This makes the actual creation process more enjoyable and the resulting presentation more engaging for the audience. Two prezis from the class are highlighted here.

Teen Productions Summer 2011

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Prezi July 12th-14th 2011 2pm-5pm Computer Lab call (810) 249-2569 to register! Join librarian Jamie to learn how to make presentations sure to catch your teacher’s (and your friends’) attention– with camera zooming and embedded YouTube videos!

Screencasting July 19th-21st 2011 2pm-5pm Computer Lab call (810) 249-2569 to register! Librarian Jamie will take you through the steps needed to make a screencast–You’ll be able to instruct friends in anything from how to beat a level in Angry Birds to setting up a personalized blog on tumblr!

Young Writers Teen Production July 19th – 21st 2011 2pm-5pm Room 205 call (810) 249-2569 to register! Join writer and storyteller Alfreda Harris in discovering the creativity and the writer in you!

Call (810) 249-2569 today to register for all teen productions!

No Name Calling Week

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Jan. 24-28th, 2011

Get Involved!!

Speaking OUT Against Bullying

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Speaking OUT is a list of resources about bullying. There’s links to resources for kids in trouble and the people who care about them. The below are suggestions from members of the GLBT Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Librarian Association (ALA) in response to the recent suicides of teased and bullied LGBTQ tee ns in the U.S.